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Your dream lawn without a worry. Campbell Lawns provides lawn care, yard cleanup, and leaf removal services in Saint Joseph and Stevensville Michigan. Call or click below to request a free estimate.


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About Campbell Lawns

Campbell Lawns is a local, owner operated lawn care business serving Saint Joseph and Stevensville Michigan. We provide quality lawn care to our customers, but we pride ourselves on prompt and reliable service with friendly and excellent communication.

As a local small business we recognize that our community is our life, and always seek to make our community shine brighter. We offer mowing, edging, seasonal clean ups and leaf removal to residential and commercial properties and are always willing to provide estimates on whatever project you are looking to have completed!


Lawn Mowing

A text or call informing you that we will be seeing you soon. When we arrive, we will curb park, unload and mow, trim, edge and blow so that your lawn looks clean and well maintained every time. On our first visit we ask that you be available to share your vision of your lawn and set expectations, subsequent visits we will be able to do with or without customer presence. You can rest assured that your lawn will look great every time with Campbell Lawns!

Yard Cleanup

Sometimes life is busy and yards get away from us, that is where a yard cleanup comes in! We will call or send you a text when we are on our way, and mow, edge, trim, and blow your yard as well as doing any brush, weed or bed cleaning you need. It is our pleasure to help you transform your lawn into what you always wanted it to be, and a cleanup is a great step for an overgrown lawn and flower beds!

Leaf Removal & Seasonal Cleanup

Whether it is the beginning of spring or the leaves are starting to fall, we are ready to help you get rid of the debris from the previous season. Leaves, weeds, and overgrown bushes are all part of our seasonal clean ups and we will leave your yard looking ready for whatever season comes next so that you can head into the season knowing you won’t have to worry about your yard.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have a set mowing day?

Due to weather constraints and the desire to ensure your lawn remains gorgeous, we are not offering set mowing days. We will ALWAYS contact you the day we are going to mow, and will do our best to keep it consistent.

Will you move furniture etc?

Customer is responsible for ensuring the lawn is free of trampolines, furniture, and toys. Fees may be assessed if we have to move items.

What about pet “droppings”?

We will not be responsible for picking up pet droppings.

What payment methods are available?

Campbell Lawns is a card on file company, we will process payment for services the 15th and last day of every month and will send a receipt to customers.

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